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The World Automotive Conference will bring the industry back together on September 22, 2020. Organized for the 7th time this year, the summit will take place on the digital platform by adapting to the changing order. The summit will provide participants with a unique meeting opportunity by presenting video meeting rooms, B2B meetings and more, as well as speakers.


Although the epidemic news is currently at the forefront, keeping up with the new order, following industry trends and strengthening our potential relationships continue to be among our responsibilities. For exactly this reason, the World Automotive Conference, the original meeting point of the automotive industry, will take place in its 7th year on a digital platform, adapting to the changing order. Breaking participant records every year, WAC is preparing to bring together industry-leading automotive companies, suppliers, technology companies and related sectors in the digital world at a prestigious summit.


World Automotive Conference; In addition to the rich content presented to its participants through presentations and open sessions, zamIt will take place by prioritizing meeting and meeting as it is. It will hold a big digital meeting in the automotive industry by presenting a platform full of video meeting rooms, B2B meetings, video workshop meetings.


At the summit, with expert speakers;

  • What are the economic expectations for the pandemic process and beyond?
  • What is the vision of the companies that direct the sector?
  • Will the transformation of the automotive industry go into a slowdown process?
  • Will megatrends such as electric vehicles, artificial intelligence and automation lose momentum?
  • What will be the new trends and how should the industry adapt to change? The answers to many questions such as will be discussed.


Leading companies such as Mercedes Benz Türk, Universal Robots, Omsan Logistics, Rinnova Technology have reserved their place as the first sponsors and among the companies that registered for the digital summit: Tofas Fiat, Aisin, Temsa, GKN Driveline, Chiron, Oyak Renault, Karsan, TSKB, Metyx, S Champion Filter, Teknorot, Indicata, Demircioglu Sase.

You can join the summit as a speaker, sponsor or just a listener. For detailed information: or 0537 238 67 47


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