New Era in Auto Expertise


The regulation on the trade of second-hand motor vehicles prepared by the Ministry of Commerce entered into force on 15 August. According to the new regulation, people who buy and sell used cars must obtain authorization documents by 31 August.

With the new regulation, steps were also taken on "auto expertise", which is a valuable link in vehicle trading.

Making a statement regarding the issue, TÜV SÜD D-Expert Deputy General Manager Ayözger stated that the steps taken for a long time towards the institutionalization of the department have come to an end and reminded that the enterprises engaged in second-hand motor vehicle trade should obtain authorization documents by 31 August.


Referring to the bets that will change with the new regulation, Ayözger said, “Companies without an authorization document will be able to sell a maximum of 3 second-hand vehicles in a year. Businesses selling second-hand vehicles will have to receive an appraisal report within three days before the date of sale. The appraisal report price will be paid by the buyer if the sales process does not occur due to a reason arising from the buyer, and in other cases by the seller business. It will not be necessary to obtain an appraisal report for vehicles over eight years old or over one hundred and sixty thousand kilometers compared to the model year. " He used his words.

Stating that one of the most valuable details in the regulation is for the necessity of the appraisal of the defects hidden after the vehicle purchase and sale, Ayözger said, “It will also be necessary to keep the report by the seller and the expertise firm for a period of at least five years.” said.


Also making a statement regarding the issues covered by the guarantee, Ayözger said, “The second-hand car traded will be under the guarantee of the company engaged in the trade of second-hand motor vehicles for three months or five thousand kilometers from the date of sale. The enterprise will be able to cover the issues covered by the guarantee by taking out insurance. " He used his words.

Regarding the issues that are not covered by the Ayözger warranty, “Persons who buy the current vehicle will not be able to benefit from this guarantee system, even though they know the malfunction and damage specified in the expertise report. However, malfunctions and damages documented by the enterprise known by the buyer during the sale will not be covered by the warranty. " found the assessment.

Stating that the expertise centers will continue to be an integral part of the automotive department with the last arrangement, Ayözger said that the new regulation should be carefully inspected in order for both buyers and sellers to be trusted.


Sharing his prediction for the later periods of the process, Ayözger said:

“According to the information announced by TURKSTAT, 2020 million second-hand vehicles were sold in January-June 3,9. The used vehicle market increased by 2019 percent compared to the one-to-one period of 21,6. In the last six months of 2019, 4,5 million units of used cars and light commercial vehicles were sold. We anticipate that there will be a significant increase in second hand vehicle trade with the implementation of the regulation. Thanks to the regulation, I can say that companies that progress institutionally in the sector will be advantageous. I think that by registering the quality of service, those who provide trust will continue on their way by getting stronger. "

Ozan Ayözger, Deputy General Manager of TÜV SÜD D-Expert, added to his words that money transfer will be carried out safely with faithful payment systems that have come into effect in vehicle purchases and sales.

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