Opel Turkey Reaches the trenches

The automotive market, which had troubled days due to the coronavirus, started to move with the start of the normalization period and the announced loan packages. Many brands increased their sales again and pulled their year-end expectations right back.

With the success of the 2020 Corsa model introduced to the market in the past months, Opelsold 17 thousand 105 units in January - July period. Thus, the company reached its target of 5 percent market share at the beginning of the year.

OPEL Corsa has a Big Share

The German car manufacturer announced that it aims for a successful year with the new Corsa, which it launched in early 2020. Launched in March, the new Corsa has sold 4 units since its launch and became the second best-selling model in its segment in the first seven months.

in July Opel's player in the B-Suv segment Crossland ranked second in the X segment, while the Astra model maintained its position in the top five in its segment.

Having achieved great momentum in the market with its success since the beginning of the year OpelBased on the January-July months, it ranks fifth in the total passenger car market with 16 thousand 8 units sales and 5,9 percent market share, while it sold 4 thousand 233 units in the passenger car market in July and a market share of 6,1 percent. and managed to rank fifth in the brand list with its shares.

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