Opel August Special Deals


Car manufacturers, who are in a very difficult situation due to the coronavirus affecting the whole world, are planning to return to their old days again with the normalization.

Like many car brands, Opel also organizes various campaigns in August.

The new brand, which has been in the top three with the features and superior technologies it has introduced to the consumer for the first time in its segment since the first day Corsa 'ya, special for august 149 thousand 900 TL 'with prices starting from; flagship Insignia special model for August 319 bin 900Available with prices starting from TL.

Opel's player in the B-SUV segment Crossland X 194 thousand 300 TLWhile the Opel Grandland X SUV model is offered to the taste of Opel lovers with prices starting from 254 thousand 800 TL.

Offering different financing analyzes to its customers in August, Opel combines special loan options with an interest rate of 120 percent up to 0,69 thousand TL, as well as 67-month payment options up to 12 thousand TL in obvious models and 0 percent interest.

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