Online Cyber ​​Security Camp Completed

In the period when Türk Telekom's cyber attacks against both countries and sectors are increasing, "You are the Key to the Digital Future!" The online Cyber ​​Security Camp started with the motto is completed. In the online camp, 24 young people who passed the interviews were trained, contributing to human resources trained in the field of cyber security. 

'It will contribute to the cyber security strategy of our country'

Türk Telekom Technology Deputy General Manager Yusuf Kıraç said, “We are proud to be the telecom operator that invests the most in cyber security and has the broadest service network. We offer cyber security services to more than one thousand corporate customers. We have Turkey's largest cyber security center. Presidential call to contribute to the society in order to provide online digital awareness we launched the Cyber ​​Security Camp, Turkey's our belief that would make valuable contributions to cyber security strategy fully, "he said.

'Young people trained in the field of cyber security are needed'

Türk Telekom Human Resources Deputy General Manager Mehmet Emre Vural underlined the importance Türk Telekom attaches to youth employment and said, “One of the most important pillars of technological transformation is cyber security. The results of the research show that it is important for both our country and our economy to bring promising, talented, enthusiastic and valuable people to the sector.

2 people were selected among 500 applications

Among the 2 university students and new graduates who applied for the camp, 500 candidates who passed the preliminary evaluations were included in the online exam. After one-on-one interviews with 489 people who were successful in the exam, 62 young people were entitled to participate in the camp. In the camp program; Cyber ​​security trainings were given in 24 different topics in the categories of system, network and software, application, telecommunication and Internet of Things security. Students came together with representatives of the public, academia and private sector influential in the field of cyber security. Participants who successfully completed the program on August 25, received Türk Telekom Cyber ​​Security Camp training certificate. - Hibya News Agency

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