Online Development Internship: Preparing University Students for Business Life

Quickly adapting its production facilities and offices located in six countries of the world to current conditions Kastamonu Entegre continues its activities for the development of the sector without interruption. In order to bring qualified employees to the tree-based panel industry and to increase the international reputation of the industry, the company has carried out pioneering studies in the field of university-industry cooperation, to reach university students who make up its target audience and to strengthen the employer brand perception during the pandemic period. Online Development Internship implemented the program. The content of the program was prepared by an agile project team consisting of experts from different teams such as Innovation and Business Planning, Supply Chain, Quality as well as Human Resources, current interns and newly graduated assistant experts. 

Each student will develop their own project

The applications of the program, which was prepared for students in the 3rd and 4th grades of universities and will be held online, were carried out through the company's social media accounts. 30 candidates who have successfully completed all stages of the application process, which continues with an English test, gamification experience, video interview and online interview, will start the Online Development Internship on September 1. During the one-month internship, students will develop their own projects in the presence of a special mentor, as well as webinars, trainings and conferences that will prepare them for business life and have the opportunity to meet senior executives of Kastamonu Entegre.

"We hope to sign projects that make a difference together in the future"

Referring to the importance of bringing qualified workforce to the sector, Kastamonu Entegre CEO Haluk Yıldız made the following statements: “As a company, our focus zamwe got people for the moment. We are aware that our employees who have worked for Kastamonu Entegre have a great share in our XNUMX years of success. Regardless of the conditions, we will continue to invest in people and continue this tradition. During the pandemic process, we launched the Online Development Internship in order to both support our youth and bring qualified workforce to the sector. Under the leadership of our Human Resources department; We believe that this program, developed with the valuable contributions of our Innovation, Product Sales, Marketing and Supply Chain departments, will make a significant contribution to the integration of university students into business life. In this program, which is designed as a development-oriented internship beyond education, each student will develop their own project with a mentor. With the Online Development Internship, which I think will be an inspiring experience for both our company and the youth, we hope to bring new members to the sector and to sign projects that make a difference in the future together. - Hibya

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