New Generation MAN Truck Driver's Site Won Red Dot Award

new generation man truck driver district wins red dot award
new generation man truck driver district wins red dot award

The new MAN Truck Generation received one of the famous Red Dot Awards thanks to its digital driver's seat. Brand & Communication Design 2020. The stylistic, intellectual and effective interaction of indicator and control elements, driver and application-oriented interaction convinced 24 international juries.

Next generation MAN Truck driver's scene wins Red Dot Award Red Dot Jury convinced of driver and application-oriented display and operation concept MAN used the feedback of more than 700 drivers in developing the new truck generation

Red Dot Founder and CEO Prof. Dr. Peter Zec said, “I sincerely congratulate the Red Dot Award winners on their achievements. By earning this rank, they proved that their work has high design quality. "Thanks to their convincing performances, they settled at the top in an area with tough international participants and deserved to be proud of themselves and their achievements."

Chairman of the Board of MAN Truck & Bus, Dr. “When MAN was developing the new truck generation, it was clear from the very beginning that the driver had to be involved and would be the focus of attention. Because as a manufacturer, only this way can we know what drivers really need. "We have received numerous positive feedback from customers and commercial media and winning this grand prize proved once again that we are on the right track," he said.

When developing the new truck generation, MAN included over 700 drivers in various model, driver simulations and test track studies, thus incorporating the user's needs into the design of the cockpit.

This is demonstrated by three independently operable systems: the instrument cluster on one side, the infotainment and navigation system with a 12,3-inch (31.242 cm) gauge on the other, and the innovative MAN SmartSelect control unit and, as a third system, comfort and entertainment functions from the bed area. built-in remote control to control it. Each system has its own truck-specific control logic and is zamis currently in interaction with all other systems of the vehicle.

The driver's seat, designed with the latest and most suitable design criteria, enables the driver to intuitively handle the numerous assistance and comfort functions of the Next Generation MAN Truck, thereby driving the vehicle safely and efficiently. All operational elements are designed in a way that does not prevent the driver from concentrating on what is happening on the road. The display and operation sections are separated so that the visual information is brought as close as possible to the road line of sight. Also, all controls are close enough to reach with a comfortable sitting position. An example of this is MAN SmartSelect, which minimizes the need to take the eyes off the road when using the infotainment and navigation menu with its flip and push function.

Another key element in the development of the new Generation MAN Trucks' cockpit was to quickly offer every driver the same high level of comfort, regardless of age, professional experience or proximity to technical issues. The Next Generation MAN Trucks makes a lasting contribution to facilitating the daily work of the truck driver with its well thought-out and practice-oriented driver's environment.

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