Demand for Motorcycle Exploded


Many citizens who did not want to catch the corona virus turned to using bicycles and small cc motorcycles instead of public transportation. Also, due to the high car prices in the last period, the use of motorcycles especially increased. 35-year-old motorcycle dealer Halil Macar, who is happy with the interest in motorcycles, said that they are selling more than they expected.

Hungarian, "Due to the corona virus, humans are looking for ways to stay away from each other. People using public transport tend to use motorcycles and bicycles. Naturally, the most valuable factor in this is that there is no insurance requirement for engines up to 50 cc and it is used with an automobile license. Apart from all procedures, the fact that it smells the fuel can be considered as one of the biggest factors, ”he said.


Stating that with the increasing interest, motorcycle drivers are more conscious about the equipment than in the past, Macar said, “In my opinion, motorcycle and bicycle culture is settled in Eskişehir. In the past, it was possible to see dozens of drivers without a helmet or without a helmet. Now, let alone motorcycles, even cyclists do not go on the road without a helmet or knee pad. This tells the degree of value given ”he said.

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