MKEK's Domestic Sea Cannon Features Have Been Determined

The Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation (MKEK) is developing the "76 / 62mm Sea Cannon" for existing ships in the Turkish Naval Forces.

According to the news of Abdullah Karakuş from Milliyet newspaper dated 11 July 2020, the Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation (MKEK) is developing a "naval cannon" for ships. 76/62 mm Naval Gun Development Project: "While the foreign supply period of the weapon system is minimum 24 months, the domestic and the prototype, which will be produced with national resources, is planned to start factory acceptance tests within 12 months. After the institution started its efforts to indigenize the weapon system, the foreign supplier company reduced the unit price very much. This weapon system will be used on medium and low tonnage ships in the Navy inventory. "

Characteristics of the Native 76/62 Sea Cannon

  • Weapon system range is 16 km.
  • Barrel diameter is 76 mm, length is 4700 mm.
  • Barrel has a water cooling system.
  • Pulse rate max. It is 80 beat / min.
  • The weapon system weighs 7500 kg without ammunition and 8500 kg with ammunition.
  • The weapon system has a rotating ammo rack with a capacity of 70 ammunition.
  • The weapon system is effective against air, land and sea targets.

Since the ship cannons fire very fast at long range, their development differs from standard howitzers and cannons. Therefore, ship cannon development and production is a challenging process. The İtaylan OTO Melara (under the Leonardo Group) 76 mm ship gun is used in the inventory of the Turkish Naval Forces. The OTO Melara 76 mm cannon is used in Gabya class frigates, ADA class corvettes and Wind, Doğan class, Yıldız class and Kılıç class assault boats in the Turkish Naval Forces inventory. 76 different versions of the 3 mm cannon system manufactured by OTO Melara, namely Compact, Super Rapid and Strales Systems. has. Turkish Navy ships use the Compact model to a great extent. The Super Rapid model is used in the newly produced ships. The Turkish Navy stands out as one of the navies using the most 76 mm gun. With the development of this gun domestically, a significant amount of resources will remain in the country.

Source: defenceturk

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