Cooperation between TUSAŞ and HAVELSAN for the National Fighter Aircraft Project

In his written statement, İsmail Demir, President of the Presidency Defense Industry, stated that the defense industry sector continues its MMU development efforts in the process of combating the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19). Demir stated that within the scope of MMU development studies, TUSAŞ and HAVELSAN have signed a cooperation.

Pointing out that TUSAŞ and HAVELSAN will carry out many studies such as software development, simulation, training and maintenance simulators, Demir said, “When the MMU Development Project is completed, our country will be able to produce a 5th generation combat aircraft in the world after the USA, Russia and China. It will be among the countries with infrastructure and technology. " found the assessment. The cooperation between TUSAŞ and HAVELSAN covers embedded training / simulation, training and maintenance simulators and engineering support to be provided in various fields (Virtual Test Environment, project level software development and cyber security).

Software Work Begins

As threat patterns and levels change, so does the operating environment and the struggle for supremacy. 4th and older generation aircraft (F-16, F-18, EFA, etc.) zamThey will leave their place to the air systems defined as the 5th Generation and will have a critical importance in ensuring the security of the countries against the threats in question. With their advanced technology, 5th Generation aircraft are multi-role warplanes that can successfully fulfill every mission, including many new missions that cannot be fulfilled by other aircraft.

In this context, one of the most critical capabilities coming to the forefront is “Network Supported Capability (ADY)”. To clarify this definition a little more; ADY, in order to be fully aware of the picture in the operation area by decision makers, to increase the speed of communication and command, to increase the pace of the operation when necessary, to use the power effectively by concentrating, to provide the base and to ensure synchronization with other platforms in the operation area; It is an operation concept based on information superiority that enables sensors, decision makers and weapon system users to connect with each other via network infrastructures and increase their combat power. In summary, it is based on knowledge and the use of knowledge as a power. Gathering and evaluating information on today's 5th Generation platforms and putting it in front of decision makers with appropriate tools requires a very powerful software and infrastructure. The National Combat Aircraft (MMU), on which more than 20 million lines of software will run and hundreds of module software will work together, is also referred to as a "flying computer" because it is the 5th Generation aircraft and will also fulfill the above functions.

With MMU, we anticipate that some of the capabilities of the Air Force Information System (HvBS) should be renewed and adapted to MMU and today's technologies. At the Air Force Command, which currently supports existing systems via HvBS, HAVELSAN engineers constantly update their HvBS software in line with the feedback from daily operations and technological developments. In this way, operations and logistics management activities are carried out by including new weapons and equipment in the Air Force Command's inventory to the HvBS, which has been in live use since 2007.

In the HvBS software, in line with the technological and operational needs, studies on the subjects, some of which are given below, are carried out within a plan.

  •  Intelligent Decision Support Systems,
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Supported Planning,
  • Dynamic Supply Chain Management,
  • Augmented Reality Supported Maintenance,
  • Making fault predictions with Artificial Intelligence algorithms,
  • Target detection with image processing capability,
  • Analysis of flight routes.

HAVELSAN is among the leading companies in the world in flight and maintenance training simulators. It offers simulator products for Turkish Armed Forces for air, land, sea and submarine platforms. HAVELSAN, which has gained an important infrastructure for combat aircraft with its F-16 simulator development experience, has the ability to create the training concept and make simulators ready for use in the National Fighter Aircraft Project.

HAVELSAN has the capability to support the live-visual-simulated training concept, which is the highest point of its goal of "train as you fight" in order to increase its defense and offensive capabilities in operational terms.

In addition, by integrating artificial intelligence capabilities into the National Tactical Environment Simulation (MTÇS), which HAVELSAN is currently using for different projects, real zamIt will be possible to present the most ideal planning for instantly changing tactical conditions. We anticipate that there will be a need for different types of flight and maintenance training simulators to be used in training activities, starting with the simulator that will be needed for the first flight of MMU in the future, after entering the inventory. In this context, full mission simulators, weapon and tactical trainers, flight training devices can be developed. In addition, it is envisaged that an infrastructure will be established in which training contents for pilots and maintenance personnel can be prepared within the scope of computer-based training and can be given in smart classrooms and on various multimedia devices.

Source: defenceturk

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