Ministry of National Education Announces EBA TV Curriculum

New education and training period, TRT EBAEBA and starting tomorrow through distance learning using live lessons. After the distance education, which will last until September 18, 2020, face-to-face training will be carried out on 21 September in accordance with a planning “in stages and diluted”. EBA Support Point areas will be created in schools and institutions for students who do not have computer and internet access at home.

According to the news in Haber Global, the implementation of a training program for key skills for the second semester of the 2019-2020 academic year in distance education will begin. Teachers will be able to conduct live lessons with students every day through the EBA live lesson application. Apart from this application, teachers will be able to do live lessons with their preferred online applications.

All coursebooks can be accessed on the website of EBA, and workbooks will be available on the internet address “”. Distance education will continue until Friday, September 18, and face-to-face training will be implemented on September 21, in line with a planning that will be structured as “progressive and diluted”.

The curriculums of the courses were prepared by determining the “critical issues and gains” that are the basis for the subjects and acquisitions of the courses in the second term of the last academic year.

In this context, students will be prepared for the new academic year within the framework of the curriculum created by the Board of Education to prepare students for the next class. Same zamAt the moment, schools will be able to support their students through distance education with their own content and programs.

Course content videos on the critical issues and achievements of the lessons of the second semester of the last academic year will be broadcast on TRT EBA Primary School TV, TRT EBA Secondary School TV and TRT EBA Lise TV channels. These courses aim to strengthen students' readiness levels and help their shortcomings at the beginning of the new academic year.

Event examples prepared for live lessons

With the infrastructure to be offered over EBA, live lessons will be carried out by all teachers on other open source platforms and platforms created by private schools. Through the EBA live lesson application, teachers will be able to conduct live lessons with students every day. Apart from this practice, teachers will perform live lessons with their preferred online applications.

In order to set an example for teachers in the trainings to be carried out through live lesson applications, many activity examples were prepared in electronic environment for the programs. Examples of activities can be found on the website "//". All textbooks can be viewed on EBA's website. In addition, workbooks that can be used in the preparatory period will be accessible from the internet address "".

Students will be able to develop their academic and social skills by downloading the applications prepared to improve their reading, comprehension and math skills. During the coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic, where education is carried out remotely, EBA Support Point areas will be created in schools and institutions to ensure access to EBA for students who do not have computer and internet access at home.

Trainings for teachers to improve their digital skills were planned during the preparatory training period between 31 August and 21 September. Teachers will be provided with orientation training in order to be prepared during the opening period of the schools on September 21, to inform them about hygiene rules and to provide psychosocial guidance to students.

Parent guidance in distance education

The Ministry of National Education will organize parent guidance trainings in order for parents to better follow the distance education process of their children and guide their children better, and the guidance process will be supported with videos, guides and brochures. In this process, psychosocial support will continue to be provided to parents and students through the “Bizden” parent generation on TRT EBA channels and the support lines of the Ministry of National Education.

Information on the Ministry's work on distance education will be available on the website of “” and EBA. Students will continue to be supported throughout the year through EBA, EBA TV and support and training courses in order to eliminate their missing subjects and gains.

Distance education, face-to-face education will start on September 21 in the form of “phased and diluted applications”.

He shared the TRT EBA TV curriculum for distance education between 31 August - 18 September 2020 by the Ministry of National Education (MEB) within the scope of coronavirus measures. The curriculum shared by the Ministry of Education is as follows:

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