Huge Investment from Mercedes-Benz Türk to Aksaray

Mercedes-Benz Türk, the world's only road test approval authority for trucks bearing the Mercedes-Benz star Aksaray In the R&D Center; The new Shaft Test Area with an investment of 2,5 million Euros was put into service.

Hoşdere R & D Center in Istanbul's Truck Development Section is in the shaft designed in 2015 to be followed by the Global Competence Center in 2016. resistant computer simulation was given the responsibility to Turkey. As a result of the establishment of the Global Test Competence Center in Aksaray R&D Center in 2020, both integrity was achieved in the process and productivity was increased. As a result of investments made to be inserted into this new world all Mercedes-Benz trucks produced in the factory of the shaft began to downright life and strength tests conducted in Turkey.

Shafts are tested under real road conditions

The Shaft Test Area, which was built in 9 months and has a council on 360 square meters, has two high-capacity test stands, one of which is life and strength. In the life test stand, where environmental conditions such as mud and moisture can be created, 4 shafts are tested one-to-one and their resistance in severe conditions is observed. Using the real road information obtained from vehicle tests; Shafts' performance under variable torque, speed and angle are measured. The life test stand set up in Aksaray R&D Center is the only center within Daimler Truck AG where tests can be carried out under real road conditions.

Aksaray contribution to engineering exports

The shafts fitted to Daimler Truck AG's trucks manufactured in all Mercedes-Benz factories around the world with the newly established Shaft Test Area are tested under the responsibility of Aksaray R&D Center. Shaft Test Area investment; Turkey's export capacity while contributing to the engineering across global markets, the top management of Daimler AG Truck Mercedes-Benz Turk to rely on R & D Center, which proves one more time.


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