Litecoin Rises 10 Percent

On Monday, Litecoin traded at $ 10,30 on the Index, gaining 63,492%. This is the biggest one-day increase since 30 August.

With the move, Litecoin's market cap reached $ 4,107B, or 1,10% of the total cryptocurrency market cap. The highest market cap of Litecoin cryptocurrency was set at $ 14,099B.

Litecoin has traded in a range of $ 24 to $ 62,814 in the past 63,494 hours.

Litecoin has seen an increase of 3,09% over the past seven days, with a 24-hour trading volume of $ 2,763B, or 2,90% relative to total volume. Litecoin traded in a range of $ 54,0455 to $ 63,4935 in the past seven days.

Litecoin price is 12% lower than the $ 2017 level on December 420,00, 84,88.

Cryptocurrency market developments

Bitcoin rose 2,07% on the Index and was trading at $ 11.710,7.

Ethereum was traded at $ 7,13 on the Index, up 429,50%.

Bitcoin market cap was measured at $ 216,407B, or 57,93% of the total market volume, while Ethereum total market cap was set at $ 48,165B, or 12,89% of the total market volume. -

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