Limak Construction is the 61st Largest Construction Company of the World

Limak Construction climbed 250 steps compared to 2020 and ranked 2019st in the "World's Top 6 International Contractors" 61 list prepared by the International construction industry magazine Engineering News Record (ENR).

Limak Construction ranked 2020st in the list of "ENR 250 - The World's Top 61 International Contractors". The list of "The World's Largest 250 International Contractors" prepared by ENR, the reference magazine of the international construction industry, based on the revenues of the contractors from their activities outside their country in the previous year, has been announced.

Limak Construction, which continues to rise in the global league with the international giant projects it has realized in the field of construction and contracting, has achieved a great success by rising 2020 steps in the 2019 list compared to 6. The company, one of the leading construction groups in the world, ranked 61st, and maintained its second place among the 44 Turkish companies on the list.


Limak Construction, whose total value exceeds 100 billion dollars, has successfully completed more than 10 projects from airports to ports, dams to irrigation facilities, highways to hydroelectric power plants, industrial facilities, oil and natural gas pipelines, holiday villages to building complexes, and has also achieved outstanding success in the field of OHS and sustainability studies. . In this context, while achieving 2017% ​​efficiency in unit water consumption compared to 20, it achieved 2019% customer satisfaction in 97.

Among the sustainability targets set for the next ten years and included in the 15-60 sustainability report published recently by the Limak Group of Companies, which operates in 2018 different countries in different sectors and with more than 2019 thousand employees; To work towards the development of sustainability understanding in all sectors, to increase women's employment by 2026 percent within the group by 40, to achieve an average of 2026 percent energy efficiency and 25 percent water efficiency by 28, to reduce emission emissions by an average of 27 percent, to reach the goal of “zero waste” in all companies To increase the use of Renewable Energy Resources to at least 2030 percent in total energy consumption by 30, to increase employee loyalty every year, to provide a safe working environment, and to complete the sustainability training of all suppliers by 2026.

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