Lexus Nanoe Air Conditioning Technology Eliminates Viruses

Lexus Nanoe Air Conditioning Technology Hibya

The premium car manufacturer Lexus, with its patented nanoe ™ technology that makes a difference in its segment, stands out with its anti-aging feature, as well as its ability to neutralize viruses up to 99% according to test results conducted by independent laboratories.

The nanoe ™ air conditioner, which started to be developed in 1997 to use the natural features of water in removing odors, has been made more effective with each passing period. Lexus used this technology for the first time in the GS 2012h in 450 and was awarded the Innovation of the Year.

Nanoe air conditioners, which are offered as standard in many Lexus models such as LS, LC, ES and RX, and designed to simulate the air we breathe just like on the seaside or in the forest, besides providing the ideal temperature balance and preventing bad odors, virus, bacteria and allergens that are clinging can be neutralized.

In tests conducted by independent laboratories, nanoe ™ technology has been reported to inactivate viruses in the air or adhering to surfaces up to 99%.

With the operation of the system, 20-90 micron diameter water particles sprayed from the nanoe ™ air conditioner attach to the virus and OH radicals interact with virus proteins. As a result of this merger, virus activity is disabled.

Lexus' nanoe ™ air conditioner is the same zamIt also plays an important role in neutralizing animal allergens and allows allergen bodies to travel more comfortably in the vehicle.

Although Lexus offers the ability to neutralize viruses up to 99% with its nanoe ™ air conditioner, it does not claim to prevent transmission of viruses and recommends users not to take the precaution.

Source: Hibya News Agency

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