Lexus LC Even More Fascinating With New Color

Premium automaker Lexus has added a new version to its Super Coupe LC range, using its high quality craftsmanship. The "Blazing Carnelian" paint of the LC Coupe, which has new red-orange tones like carnelian stone, emphasizes the dynamic lines of the vehicle even more.

Users can also combine the interior of the LC's color-themed model with the same striking upholstery "Manhattan Orange" theme.

With Lexus designers enjoying the freedom to design their own vehicle colors, such a special paint came out. It took a 2-year development process to get the new paint from sketch to production.

The visual quality of the new Blazing Carnelian color, which is in harmony with the superior performance of the vehicle, has been achieved with the application of multiple layers, including high saturated base layers. This reveals all the curved lines and aerodynamic lines of the LC from different angles.

There are many special details in the cabin, inspired by the Manhattan Sunset, which is famous for watching the setting sun over the entire main street twice a year. From the door panels to the seats and the ceiling, the color of the famous sunset was featured.

Hibya News Agency

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