Last Minute: Ethyl Alcohol Customs Duty Reset


Ethyl Alcohol Customs Tax: New decisions signed by President Erdoğan were published in the Official Gazette. Customs duty was zeroed on bulk ethyl alcohol imported for use in cologne and disinfectant production. The decision included the following statements:

“Attached 'Decision Supplementary to Import Regime Decision to put into effect; The decision was made in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 1567, Law No. 1, Law No. 474, Law No. 2, Law No. 3283, Law No.


Article 1- The following line has been removed from the List of Agricultural Products to be Applied with Reduced Customs Duty within the Scope of Final Use Legislation (ANNEX-20) attached to the Import Regime Decision, which was put into effect with the decision of the Council of Ministers dated 12/1995/95 and numbered 7606/1.

Article 2- This Decision becomes effective on the 15th day following its publication.

Article 3- The provisions of this Decree are executed by the Minister of Trade. "

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