KPSS Associate Degree Application Fee How Much? KPSS Application What zamComing to an End?

Those who want to be a civil servant in KPSS continue their exam preparations and wonder about the application dates. The calendar published by ÖSYM includes all the details about KPSS 2020. KPSS associate degree applications will be made between 21 August 2020 - 02 September 2020.


Associate degree KPSS application fee was announced as 80 TL. While paying the exam fee of the candidates to the bank officer; They should state the amount of fee to be paid depending on the number of sessions along with their TR ID Number, name and surname. Candidates can deposit a fee to the bank via the internet without going to the bank branches. Before leaving the bank branch, candidates who have deposited the exam fee must carefully examine the bank receipt given to them, leave the bank if there is no mistake in their information, and if there is any mistake, they must leave the bank by correcting it. Candidates who will make payments from the Bank branch should consider the working hours of the Banks.


  • Akbank 'branches, ATM and internet banking (except candidates who will apply from the TRNC)
  • Albaraka Turk Participation Bank all branches, ATM and internet banking (except candidates who will apply from the TRNC)
  • Finansbankall branches, ATM and internet banking (except candidates who will apply from TRNC)
  • Kuveyt Turk Participation Bankall branches, ATM and internet banking (except candidates who will apply from the TRNC)
  • Halkbank ATM, internet banking and branches
  • ING Bank'all branches and internet banking (except candidates who will apply from TRNC)
  • Foundation Participation BankAll branches and ATM (except candidates who will apply from the TRNC)
  • Ziraat bank only internet banking and mobile banking (no fee is paid from branches and ATMs.)

Exam fee can also be paid by credit card / debit card from the "PAYMENTS" field on e-OPERATIONS on the website of ÖSYM.


ÖSYM has opened the KPSS reference guide. The statement made by ÖSYM is as follows;

2020-KPSS Associate License Exam,   will be applied on. Applications for the exam, 21 August 2020 - 02 September 2020 will be held on the dates.

Religious Services Field Knowledge Test (DHBT) to be attended by those who want to take part in religious services in the Directorate of Religious Affairs, December 27 2020 will be applied on. Candidates who want to participate in DHBT at the associate degree level must apply for and take the KPSS Associate License Exam.

Candidates can submit their applications electronically from 10.00:XNUMX am via ÖSYM Application Centers or individually to ÖSYM. Internet address or OSYM Candidate Procedures Mobile application.

Apply for the exam HES Since the code information will be obtained, candidates must have obtained the HES code before applying for the exam or going to the application centers for application. Candidates are informed by the Ministry of Health of how to obtain the HES code. They will be able to reach from the internet address.

Detailed information about the exam can be found in the 2020-KPSS Undergraduate Guide. Candidates will be able to access the Guide at the link below. Candidates who will apply for the exam should carefully examine the Guide.

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