Kardemir Became the Approved Supplier of Defense Industry


Kardemir accelerated its work on the defense industry. Approved supplier studies that have been going on for a while have yielded results. Kardemir became an approved supplier.

The following statements were made in the written statement made by the company: Our company continues its breakthroughs in the fight against imports and domestic production. in supplying products to the defense industry, which is one of the most important sectors of our country, our factory continues to work, Shipyard due to the Republic of Turkey Ministry of National Defense as a result of the work of the General Directorate and Military Factory has earned the right to be an approved supplier of the General Directorate.

Our company's Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mustafa Yolbulan, said, “Our company is reaping the fruits of its long-standing efforts to supply products to the defense industry. Producing products for the leading institutions of our country in the field of defense contributes to our country's struggle against imports and prevents our national wealth from going abroad. For Kardemir, supplying products with high added value to such an important area is a very important and future-oriented activity ”.

As a result of this right that Kardökmak, our affiliate, as well as our company, we will produce for military shipyards and factories and we will continue our new product development studies for the defense industry, which is currently ongoing.

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