Exploration on the Black Sea to Turkey's Energy Target Important Contribution to the Sun


IICEC Research Director Bora Þekip Güray, the recent Department of Energy had been laid by the important steps and intensive work as a result of his discovery in the Black Sea Fatih drill ship of 320 billion cubic meters of natural gas reserves, Turkey's energy sector more secure, he said competitive and will contribute significantly to sustainable growth.

The discovery of this important Turkey's technology-driven Güray stating that he expects to play a leading role in the future in finding new reserves as a fruit of exploration and production efforts, that in terms of being able to strengthen Turkey's hand in natural gas import negotiations in the next few years a very valuable development that stated.

Emphasizing that natural gas has a key role in electricity generation in the energy sector, in terms of use for heating in many industrial branches and buildings, Güray said that, through this discovery and future new discoveries, increasing domestic production in natural gas supply, reducing the current account deficit due to energy imports and strengthening energy security. such as the contribution to the macro targets, he said it is very important for Turkey. - Hibya News Agency

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