Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality 1st International Poetry and Literature Days

An introductory meeting was held for the "International Kahramanmaraş Days of Literature and Poetry" to be organized by the Metropolitan Municipality. Mayor Güngör said, “You know Kahramanmaraş is a city with a great literary tradition, where the circulation of the word is continuous and wisdom and wisdom prevail. We set out for this event with the slogan "Because we have a word". Not just the word of Kahramanmaras in Turkey, we are in the effort to announce to the whole world, "he said.

Press conference of Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality 1st International Poetry and Literature Days was held. In addition to Metropolitan Mayor Hayrettin Güngör, Governor Ömer Faruk Coşkun, AK Party Deputies Celalettin Güvenç, Ahmet Özdemir and İmran Kılıç, Provincial Police Chief Salim Cebeloğlu, district mayors, district governors, province and district directors of national education, poets and writers, and members of the press.

Kahramanmaraş's Word Will Reach The World

Speaking in the program, Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Hayrettin Güngör said: “You know Kahramanmaraş is a city with a great literary tradition, where the circulation of words is continuous and wisdom and wisdom prevail. We set out for this event with the slogan "Because we have a word". Not just the promise of Kahramanmaras, Turkey, in this effort, we announce to the whole world. "

UNESCO Studies

In his speech, Mayor Güngör also touched on the efforts of Kahramanmaraş to be included in the "UNESCO Creative Cities Network" in the field of literature. Stating that the application process has begun, Güngör said, “Currently, our colleagues have accelerated their reporting and lobbying efforts. We believe that this year will be that year and Kahramanmaraş will enter a period in which it will experience the advantages of being included in the UNESCO network ”.  

The Spirit of Literature and Poetry Continues

Celalettin Güvenç, AK Party Deputy and Head of the Internal Affairs Committee, said, “If poetry is to be spoken in this country, it should start from Kahramanmaraş. If literature is to be discussed in this country, it should start from Kahramanmaraş. We have inherited a very important legacy from our past. The spirit that was revealed in Necip Fazıl, Nuri Pakdil and Rasim Özdenören continues in our city today. "I express that the events to be held are very important, and I thank our Metropolitan Mayor Hayrettin Güngör."

In his speech, Kahramanmaraş Governor Ömer Faruk Coşkun said: “Our Kahramanmaraş is a city of literature. The new poet, taking strength from Kahramanmaraş cultural heritage. and I think this organization will make an important contribution in training writers. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who contributed to this event. " said

Awards in Eight Branches Will Find Its Winners

 The most striking aspect of the event, which will be held for the first time this year, will be the "Kahramanmaraş Literature Awards", which will be given in 8 different categories. The Evaluation Board, which will consist of Rasim Özdenören, İskender Pala, Fatih Andı, Güray Süngü, Mevlana İdris Zengin, Kemal Sayar and Necip Tosun, will reward the most remarkable books and literary projects of 2020. Awards; the best poetry book of the year, the best story book of the year, the best children's book of the year, the best novel of the year, the best study and research book of the year, the best digital literature project of the year, the best literary magazine of the year, the best TV literary program of the year. will be given in categories.

Promotion of Literature and Art

Painting competition between secondary schools within the scope of the activity; Poetry, story and essay competitions will be held between high schools. In addition, there will be poetry, story and essay contests for writers of all ages.

Aşık Muhzuni Şerif Sound Competition

In addition to these all-award-winning competitions, a “Aşık Mahzuni Şerif Compositions Sound Competition” will be held in memory of the great master Âşık Mahzuni Şerif from Kahramanmaraş.

The city will be full of literature

As part of the International Kahramanmaraş Literature and Poetry Days to be held between 16-20 November 2020, nearly 40 people of literature and culture will be hosted in the city. In addition to the literacy meeting programs to be held in 30 high schools in Kahramanmaraş and its districts, various “thematic sessions” will be held for the students of Sütçü İmam University every day throughout the event. The event, which will also host a writing workshop for five days, will also host panels open to all participants, poetry reading activities and concerts every day. The event will also host an exhibition titled “Faces of Kahramanmaraş”.

A Loyalty Session: Afternoon Articles

 Within the scope of the event, two sessions will be held, one foot in Kahramanmaraş and one foot in Andırın, about the magazine “İkindi Yazları”, which is published in Andırın district of Kahramanmaraş and is among the “cult magazines of our literature”. On the other hand, in these events, the exact edition of the magazine “İkindi Yazları” will be presented as gifts to those concerned. On the other hand, the documentary about the magazine will be screened during these sessions.

advisory Board

Mahir ÜNAL: AK Party Deputy Chairman

Ömer Faruk COŞKUN: Governor of Kahramanmaraş

Hayrettin GÜNGÖR: Mayor of Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality

Niyazi CAN: Rector of Kahramanmaraş Sütçü İmam University

Sami GÜÇLÜ: Anatolian School Chairman of the Board

Organizing Committee

Dr. Rüstem KELEŞ: Secretary General of Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality

Prof. dr. Kemal TİMUR: Head of Department of Kahramanmaraş KSÜ TDE

Cemal YILMAZ: Provincial Director of National Education

Duran DOĞAN: Head of Culture, Sports and Tourism Department

Mustafa SEMERCİ: Culture, Sports and Tourism Department, Culture Tourism Branch Manager

Assoc. Dr. Selim SOMUNCU: Kahramanmaraş Sütçü İmam University TDE Faculty Member

Associate Professor. Yılmaz IRMAK: Bingöl University TDE Faculty Member

Assoc. Dr. Yakup POYRAZ: Kahramanmaraş KSÜ TDE Department, Faculty Member

Duran BOZ: Poet / Author

Ramazan AVCI: Poet / Author

Mustafa KÖNEÇOĞLU: Poet / Author

İnci Okumuş: Poet / Author  

Erdoğan AYDOĞAN: Teacher

Ahmet TÜRK: Teacher

Literature Awards Evaluation Board


Prof. Dr. Alexander PALA

prof. Dr. Kemal SAYAR

prof. Dr. Fatih ANDI


Mevlana Idris RICH


Hibya News Agency

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