İzmir Bornova Mayor Mustafa İduğ: Let's Be on the Balconies on August 30

Bornova will live the enthusiasm of the 98th anniversary of the Great Attack, one of the most important victories of the War of Independence and Turkish History, with a lantern procession, which will be attended by municipal council members and bureaucrats, and Bornoval will accompany from the balconies of their houses.

The cortege pass, which will start at 20.00:XNUMX under the Bornova Viaducts, will end at Bornova Cumhuriyet Square. Mustafa Kemal Street will be painted in the colors of our flag with Ayyıldız. Efeler will march first in the cortege, where the participants will take part in a mask in accordance with the social distance rules. Citizens will greet them, Bornova Mayor Dr. He will accompany Mustafa Iduğ and the members of parliament and bureaucrats from their balconies with Turkish flags in their hands. The people of Bornova will sing the victory songs and marches that Bornova Municipality Band will play with the flags distributed by the Bornova Municipality.

Bornova Mayor Dr. Mustafa Iduğ, drew attention to the importance of the August 30 Victory, which was won under the command of our Great Leader Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, and made both a call and a warning to the people of Bornova; “We will celebrate the 98th anniversary of the Great Offensive, one of the most important victories in our history, together and with enthusiasm. However, we cannot let go of the measure due to the increasing number of cases. Instead of organizing events with broad participation, we will carry the enthusiasm to the homes. "All the people of Bornova will be accompanied by the crescent and star flags from the balconies of our houses." - Hibya

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