Italian Aprilia Shiver 900 Market in Turkey

Aprilia Shiver 900, with its traction control system, adjustable suspension system, electronic throttle control system and 95 HP engine power, once again promises motorcycle enthusiasts the most enjoyable use. Firstly, the Shiver 13, which took the road as the first mass-produced motorcycle with electronic throttle management technology 900 years ago, brings together both newcomers and experienced users in a common pot with its superior mechanical structure, further developed chassis and technology transferred from the racing world to the roads. Shiver 900; With its red-colored frame, advanced chassis architecture, 900 cc V-Twin engine, electronic control systems that increase driving safety; It is offered for sale in limited numbers in our country with a price of 82 thousand 900 TL.

Aprilia, the manufacturer of motorcycles that combine Italian aesthetics with performance, introduced the Shiver 900, its groundbreaking model in the sport naked category, with its renewed features and equipment adapted to the latest technology. Shiver 2007, which attracted attention as the first mass production motorcycle with Ride-by-Wire throttle electronics management in 900, aims to provide motorcycle enthusiasts with green new experiences with its evolution and technology transferred from the racing world.

In the Aprilia Shiver 900 model with an unusual design; All details, including the front air intakes and front fender, the exhaust system integrated under the seat in the rear, fuel tank side trims, side panels and tail, offer a unique appearance. Shiver 900; Its frame, shock absorber springs and cylinder head covers are all red, showing a sporty and aggressive character. The bike's three contrasting color themes, Tech Silver, the new Challenging Red and Innovation Dark, further enhance the adrenaline sensation. Designed with the tip facing the upper truth, the muffler integrated under the seat and the exhaust tip design that actually directs the exhaust gas down contributes to the Shiver 900's unique appearance.

Chassis architecture in line with Aprilia tradition

The steel / aluminum plate mix chassis brings the Shiver 900 a rigid, lightweight and compact structure. The longitudinal position of the engine and the horizontal positioning of the shock absorbers; It saves space for the optimized exhaust manifold and ensures optimum performance. Supported by rigid beams, the aluminum alloy swing arm offers the smoothest rigidity level in its class. Kayaba branded opposite fork with a diameter of 41 mm, 130 mm suspension and two handlebar fork plates made of forged aluminum offer comfort to the users in urban and rough places. The bike's lightweight three-spoke wheels, surrounded by 120/70 front and 180/55 tires at the rear, help active acceleration performance. 320mm discs with four piston calipers at the front and 240mm diameter disc with a single piston caliper complete the sportiness of the Shiver 900.

Higher torque and cornering performance

The Shiver 900 provides high torque, quicker acceleration and superior cornering performance, especially in the mid-phases. Offering 6.500 Nm torque at 90 rpm, the engine produces 95 HP. The 90-degree angle Twin-V engine, where many beautification and lightening works are carried out to reduce friction, incorporates technologies such as four valves per cylinder, double overhead camshafts and liquid cooling. A healthy oil cycle that maintains engine temperature and oil stability eliminates the need for an oil radiator. Injectors that reduce fuel consumption and emissions by increasing combustion efficiency and an automatic decompressor that facilitates starting at low air temperatures are among the other distinctive features of the engine. Clutch components, on the other hand, are redesigned for the 900 cc engine, while the load on the clutch lever is further reduced by 15%.

The most advanced control systems are on Shiver 900!

Aprilia; The racing version has won numerous championships and the road version is in the middle of the coolest sport category, and the electronic control and driving assistance systems in the RVS4 model are also activated for the Shiver 900 model. Traction control system adjustable in three different levels; It brings a controlled driving pleasure by acting on the ignition and motorized throttle valves. The system works in conjunction with ABS without sacrificing sporty driving and the driver can deactivate the ABS if they wish. The Ride-by-Wire electronic throttle system, which is in the first version of the Shiver and used for the first time in a mass production motorcycle, is also included in the new model and provides the advantage of weighing by being integrated into the throttle lever. The system provides real management of throttle opening, while preventing throttle-cut jolts. It also contributes to the reduction of emission and fuel consumption. The Sport mode featured in the advanced electronics of the Shiver 900 provides aggressive gas reflections that respond instantly, while Touring mode offers soft reflections ideal for cruising and daily use. Rain mode, on the other hand, reduces the power to about 70 HP, making it the case choice for strong weather conditions or slippery road surfaces.

Smart systems integrated with the phone

On the Shiver 900, information about the ride is transmitted to the driver via the 4,3 inch TFT display. On the light sensor screen; Information such as stage, speed, selected gear indicators, coolant, air temperature, selected engine map mode and time can be read clearly. By navigating through the menu with the control lever on the left side of the handlebar; Parameters can be adjusted for mileage counter, driving centers and fuel consumption information. The APRILIA MIA system, which offers advanced smartphone integration optionally; It allows access to useful information of all kinds, including phone search and playing music information, navigation and route directions, Aprilia service center statuses. In Shiver 900's sporty and traveling parts-accessories range; carbon sections, aluminum brake and clutch tank covers-handles, mirrors and chassis and fork protection, comfortable seat, side bags and tank bag. - Nationality

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