Istanbul Adalar Experiencing Density in Electric Carriages

islands electric carriage
islands electric carriage

Carriages were lifted in Istanbul Adalar after the disease of Ruam, which was infected and deadly. The electric carriages brought to Buyukada before the holidays carried quite a lot of passengers during the holiday. Citizens, who formed long queues in front of these electric vehicles, were frequently warned that IETT officials wear masks and pay attention to the social distance rule. While some of the citizens waiting in line to get on electric vehicles are satisfied with the removal of the coaches, some have suggested that this nostalgia has deteriorated.

During the pandemic period, IETT officials who warned about the maintenance of social distance between seats due to the intensity and the use of families, many zamHe complained that social distance could not be maintained at the moment.

Advantages of New Electric Vehicles

  • No smell and hygiene problem
  • Quiet and environmentally friendly
  • Can carry more passengers
  • It has frequent expedition intervals as it can go faster

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