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Main purpose of social investment unit of the Holding and contribute to the development of our country Sevket Sabanci and his family founded in 2015 with the vision of philanthropy Social Principles, understanding the social impacts of investment available in the world is an example in Turkey. The first investment area of ​​Esas Sosyal, which aims to understand the problems of our country and the needs of society and to produce solutions, was determined as "youth and employment". The "First Opportunity Program" was launched in 2016 in order to create a solution model for the unemployment problem of young people who are university graduates but cannot get a job due to inequality of opportunity.

The First Opportunity Program, whose applications for 2020 were completed on August 7, offers youth in the functional departments of non-governmental organizations in the private sector such as corporate communication, accounting & finance, human resources, administrative affairs, procurement, information technologies and resource / business development for 12 months. full zamoffers the opportunity to gain work experience by working instantly and on salary. Salaries of First Fırsat participants are covered by Institutional Supporters who share the vision of Esas Sosyal and Esas Sosyal during their employment in NGOs.

With the First Opportunity Program, while young people gain experience by working in non-governmental organizations, they also receive more than 250 hours of training and development support within the scope of the First Opportunity Academy. Participants, as well as English and Office Programs, planning and organizing, relationship management, result-oriented, teamwork, zamThey participate in many courses that the World Economic Forum calls 21st Century Skills, such as moment management, creativity and innovation, communication and persuasion, decision making and stress management. Again, these young people receive support from the managers of important institutions to develop their mentoring and interview skills. 

95 young people have successfully completed the First Opportunity Program so far. The rate of participants receiving new job offers before the end of the program was 82%, while the employment rate was 3% within 93 months after completing the program and 6% after 100 months. It is aimed that 2020 more young people will benefit from the program in 55. Thus, 150 young people in total will be supported in their transition from school to work and will be given the opportunity to develop their careers. 

Emine Sabancı, Vice Chairman of the Board of Esas Holding, stated that they are very pleased with the intense interest shown in Kamışlı, the first opportunity program; “We believe that young people are the future of our country. With the First Opportunity Program we launched in 2016, we aim to provide young people with equal opportunities in their transition from school to work. Youth unemployment is not a problem that can be solved by a single institution… We are open to cooperation in the field of youth and employment. As Main Social, we believe that a collective effect should be created. For this reason, we have been in close cooperation with different sectors such as NGOs, private sector and educational institutions since the day we were founded. "We will continue to raise public awareness and work hand in hand with institutions that believe in our mission to create solutions to youth unemployment."

2020 First Opportunity Applications in Numbers

A total of 25 young people from 112 different state universities applied for the First Opportunity Program, which will offer young people their first work experience in 3.278 non-governmental organizations this year. 74% of the applications made were women and 26% were men. 52% of the applications to the First Opportunity Program, which aims to reach university graduates in Anatolia, were made by young people residing outside of Istanbul. 

Students who graduated from business, economics and sociology applied to the First Opportunity Program, which attracted great attention in 2020. Most applications were made to Human Resources positions.

The evaluation and interview processes of the program are planned to be completed on October 16, 2020. Young people who are accepted to the First Opportunity Program will start working in NGOs on November 2, 2020, after their orientation. - Hibya

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