Second Hand Vehicle Division Will Change on September 1

The automobile market, which was in a very difficult situation due to the coronavirus epidemic, started to gradually return to the usual.

The market, which became active again with the reduction of the impact of the epidemic, was further revived with the announced loan support packages.

for example, in July second hand carWhile the price of the s increased by 7,5 percent, the price increase since the beginning of the year reached 35 percent.

The New Regulation Commences On September 1, 2020!

The Ministry of Commerce's regulation on "Amending the Regulation on the Trade of Second Hand Motor Vehicles" was published in the Official Gazette on 15 August.

Accordingly, businesses that trade second-hand motor vehicles and have not received the authorization document until today must obtain an authorization document until August 31, 2020.

Unless otherwise determined by the Ministry, sales of more than 3 vehicles within a calendar year will be considered as commercial activities and unregistered commercial activities will be followed and sanctioned.

Authorization documents will no longer be given to businesses that do not have a business license for second-hand motor vehicle trade.

Aydın Erkoç, General Leader of the Motor Vehicle Dealers Federation (MASFED), He answered questions about the developments in the used vehicle trade and the new regulation that will enter into force on 1 September.

Stating that there was a lot of opportunism in the car trade during this period, Erkoç said, “We have been trying for a long time for our department to get organized, to protect our companies operating in this segment, and to have this work done by competent persons. Fortunately, the regulation is coming into force. " He used his words.


If MASFED Leader Aydın Erkoç belongs to other reasons for the increase in vehicle prices, “We can say that there was an increase close to 2020 percent in 100 compared to last year. Whether these increases continue or not depends on the exchange rate. If there is no unusual rise, prices will not increase.

However, if it does, the increases continue. Nearly 80 percent of the vehicles coming to our country are imported vehicles. The number of vehicles assembled and manufactured in Turkey is equivalent to 20 per cent. " .


In the second-hand vehicle market, especially in the car trade on some websites "opportunism" Answering a question about whether it is done or not, Erkoç said, “There is a lot of opportunism especially in this process. People who have nothing to do with the profession, whom we call as bag sellers, buy vehicles from dealers and sell them at high prices for zero.

This is also present in the used vehicle trade. Again, unqualified individuals collect second-hand vehicles from the market and put an exorbitant profit rate on the idea that the vehicle prices will rise anyway, and buy and sell vehicles without paying any tax to the state.

In addition, there are fraudsters who advertise vehicles that are not actually available on the Internet, showing vehicles below market expense. Information with respect to change in 2019 was 8 million 600 thousand vehicles in the hands of Turkey, it is close to 5 million was held by those who buy and sell in haste vehicles.

Hopefully, thanks to the regulation aimed at regulating the second-hand vehicle trade, this informality will be prevented, while the consumer gains, the tax loss of our state will decrease. Our profession will gain the prestige it deserves. "

Erkoç, who brought his opinions to language about the regulation prepared by the Ministry of Trade and containing valuable changes in the used vehicle trade, completed his words with the following words:

“The second-hand automotive branch is a major branch that creates added value, provides employment to millions of people, provides inputs to approximately 45 branches from its industry to notary public, from finance to financial institutions.

For a very long time, we have been trying to get our department into the system, to protect our companies operating in this department, and to have this work done by competent persons. Fortunately, the regulation came into force.

Once again, I would like to express my gratitude to our President, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, our relevant ministers and everyone who contributed. Those who have professional competence will do this job with an Authorization Document; our colleagues will get the gains they deserve. "

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