Hyundai Electric Kona Sets Range Record


Hyundai has set a record for Kona, the current electric SUV model. According to factory information, Hyundai Kona can travel 484 km with a fully charged battery. This range, which is determined by the WLTP standard, has been exceeded many times with a test conducted in Germany last week. Used by Hyundai Europe technicians and Auto Bild magazine editor on the Lausitzring track, the three Kona have reached a range of more than 1.000 kilometers.

The only equipment that works in vehicles with all electronic comfort equipment and air conditioners turned off was LED daytime running lights. Apart from this equipment, unnecessary electricity consumption was avoided and the highest range, 1.026 km, was reached. Test pilots who spent 35 hours to make a long range as possible, average 29 to 29 km / h per hour at temperatures above 31 degrees Celsius.zamBy reaching high speed, they revived the urban traffic.

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