Honda Moves to Japan

Japanese car manufacturer Honda's adventure began production in Turkey in 1998, it will expire in the next 2 years.

The shutter closing process of its factory in Kocaeli is approaching day by day, and Honda is in a certain structuring for its facilities located in different parts of Europe.


The last of these structuring seems to affect the Swindon facility in England. In line with the developments brought to the fore by Nikkei, Honda decided to move a valuable operational part of the UK plant to Japan.

According to sources, production of the Civic model will continue next year at the factory in Yorii, northwest of Tokyo.


The biggest reason for this decision is "Brexit". The clarification of Britain's exit from the European Union will affect the commercial developments of the car industry, as in many wings.

It is seen that the current customs tax for vehicles coming from Japan to EU countries is 7,5 percent. With Britain leaving the block, this number could rise to 10 percent if no political action is taken.

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