Hidromek Electric Grab Introduced

100 percent electrical domestic electric bucket introduced and özellikleri it became clear. TUBITAK The security systems of the vehicle to be used in business life also drew attention in the promotion made at Marmara Research Center. A video of the introduction was shared by the Minister of Industry and Technology, Mustafa Varank.

Thanks to the project, which was developed with the aim of making domestic and electric vehicles used in traditional construction works, important criteria such as fuel saving and reducing carbon emissions to 0 were achieved. In addition, the locally produced vehicle can provide 8 hours of use with a full charge.

Domestic electric grab features

The new domestic vehicle produced by HİDROMEK and named as HICON measures the proximity of the vehicles in its vicinity with the system called "Perimeter Security System". Thanks to this, a safer working area is provided. Thanks to the laser equipment it carries, the vehicle can make follow-up distance warnings to the surrounding vehicles. The safety of other vehicles in traffic is also ensured. In case of sudden braking of the vehicle, the necessary warning can be made to the driver behind. The domestic electric bucket, which can scan 360 degrees, can create a safe working area by scanning the objects around.

In cases where the weather conditions are unfavorable, necessary warnings can be made for the drivers around. In addition, thanks to the system called "Safe Sleep Mode", the energy obtained by solar energy is used for information display. The HICON 7W can be recharged within 3 hours, thanks to fast charging with a system that can be recharged in 1.5 hours.

Thanks to the energy stored in lithium-ion batteries, it has an energy use efficiency of 97 percent. Thus, it provides less cost than diesel engines found in construction equipment. In addition, 0 emissions show itself for the environment. The vehicle, which works for 8 hours with a full charge, has the internal charging unit at the back. The vehicle, which can speed 30 km per hour, also has a cooling system with a hydraulic tank and main control valve.

You can also review the domestic electric bucket features below.

Electric Grab Specifications:

  • Operating weight: 7700 kg
  • Proportional power: 47 kW
  • Motor Type: PMAC Electric motor
  • Battery type: Lithium-ion
  • Battery capacity: 71.4kWh
  • Output power: 650V
  • Charging unit: Internal 22 kW
  • Working time: 8 hours
  • Charging Input: CCS Combo 2
  • Charging Time: 3.5 hours (380 V, 22 kW), 1.5 hours (Quick Charge)
  • CO2 emission: 0 gr / h
  • Travel Speed: Max. 30 km / h
  • Steering: Electrically controlled, 4 wheel driven, 3 different usage modes
  • Length: 6650 mm
  • Width: 2260 mm
  • Height: 31500 mm


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