HAVELSAN Receives First Prize in 500 Branches in Informatics 4


HAVELSAN achieved first place in 500 categories in Informatics 4.

In System Integrator and Business Partner Awards;

  • Software Winner of the Year,
  • Industry Software Winner of the Year,
  • Outsourcing Service Winner of the Year,

Special Awards Contribution to Turkey's Economy;

  • HAVELSAN was the first R&D investment of the year.

HAVELSAN ranked first in R&D investment and second in the System Integrator and Business Partner category according to the turnover of the companies in 2019, in the System Integrator and Business Partner category;

  • Second in Hardware, Information Security Hardware and Service,
  • It was third in the fields of ERP Software, Hardware / Video and Sound Systems, Consulting.
  • HAVELSAN IT 500 Plus System Integrator - M2M and IOT and Industry Software / Turkey has achieved second place in the defense category.

On behalf of HAVELSAN, General Manager Dr. Mehmet Akif Nacar attended.

The opening speeches were made by President of the Presidency Digital Transformation Office Dr. Ali Taha Koç, Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Dr. Ömer Fatih Sayan and Republic of Turkey Presidency Economic Policies Board Member Dr. Hakan Yurdakul made it.

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