Harmony OS Based Car Operating Systems Announced


Chinese technology maker Huawei, its own operating system last year HarmonyOS(Hongmeng OS). Unlike Huawei, this operating system could be used in televisions, wearables, and even cars as well as smartphones. If the company is now, Can be used in cars HarmonyOS officially announced its systems.

In the statements made by Huawei, more than one referring to the operating system. Although these operating systems are based on HarmonyOS, they have different features. This is Huawei's new operating system what about clearly demonstrates that it can be used in areas. Let's quickly take an in-depth look at Huawei statements made today.

Wang Jun, Huawei Intelligent Car Analysis Leader, made the first statements about the issue. cockpit parts It included an operating system that provides control. The company did not randomly change the name of this operating system. The name "Hongmeng OS" is used directly in Huawei's operating system that offers car analysis. This operating system enables the cockpit of a vehicle and its leaving Provide.

What the Chinese technology manufacturer has made available in car cockpits Hongmeng OS; It controls features for voice interaction, sound optimization and visual recognition. The features that we come across as the work of collaborative work with car manufacturers, and the contributions Huawei will make to the car ecosystem. will speed up of sorts.

In the midst of the operating systems Huawei announced today “TOIs also available. Supported by ASIL-D and EAL5 + certification, this operating system meets the basic needs of smart driving software development. A wide yapay zeka AOS, which has a library, will appear in a much more advanced state in the future.

Wang Jun said, “YOURHe also touched on another operating system named ”. This operating system enables smart vehicle monitoring. This operating system, which is based on AUTOSAR, an open and standard software architecture initiative for automotive electronic control units, to the engine control unit used for business to increase productivity with a focus. Huawei mentions that VOS will be open source and developers can gain autonomous control.

In addition to all these, Huawei also said “Vehicle StackAnnounced a software framework that it named. This software framework enables the development and integration of the features of the tools working with HarmonyOS, the distribution of the developed features and all these can be done in one place. Smart one software framework Vehicle Stack can detect which system feature is needed in a possible situation and activate that feature.

Huawei, another statement about HarmonyOS 'future in the car branch He did not. However, it seems that HarmonyOS was designed to cover an entire car while it was being developed, which is valuable for Huawei's car ecosystem. contributions offers. It is currently unknown when this operating system will be in use effectively and what the HarmonyOS-powered tools will offer.

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