Current Skoda Kamiq Prices and Features

SUV models are very popular in our country and are highly preferred. Long zamreminiscent of television ads and eventually returned in recent months to enter Turkey market Skoda Kamiq was one of them and it was one of the models that were in demand in its class. The vehicle, which succeeded in meeting the expectations of the users thanks to its hardware features and its design structure, was offered for sale at a price that can be considered appropriate in today's conditions, such as 197.500 TL. But zamAs the moment passed, it was understood that the situation was not at all like that.

Skoda Kamiq prices zamit was! Here is the new price list!

Consumers complain about the most in this sense. Skoda they go to their authorized dealers zamAt the moment, they could not buy the vehicle at the suggested retail price. Because the dealers were telling consumers that they had no vehicles left and gave an appointment for a future date. In addition, no price guarantee was offered until the appointment date. Extinct in a very short time after its release Skoda KamiqWho bought the zamAs the moment passed, it became clear. Dealers or buyers who bought these vehicles offered them for sale at a much higher price of 270.000 TL, which led to the rise of the market.

Now is SkodaIs a class B SUV Kamiq re-updated the price list of the model. Accordingly, the same engine option and equipment package offered for sale for 197.500 TL is now waiting for buyers from 246.900 TL. However, if consumers want to buy the vehicle immediately at this price, it is not known whether they will be able to do so. Prices increase even more in other engine and equipment options. Skoda Kamiq You can check out the new price list below.

Skoda Kamiq Price List:

1.0 TSI 115 PS DSG Premium - 246.900 TL

1.5 TSI ACT 150 PS DSG Premium - 259.900 TL

1.6 TDI SCR 115 PS DSG Premium - 272.900 TL

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