Goodyear Eagle F1 Unveils SuperSport Tires

Goodyear unveiled its specially developed Eagle F1 SuperSport track tires, which will be used by all vehicles in the PURE ETCR, the world's first multi-brand, fully electric touring vehicle series.

Goodyear, the tire supplier and co-founder of this exciting championship, will be the newest Eagle F1 SuperSport performance line tire with a unique tread pattern to be used in the PURE ETCR.

Produced using significantly common technology with the standard Eagle F1 SuperSport, the new product has been optimized to obtain maximum performance from the PURE ETCR electric touring vehicles that will race for the first time this year.

Road tire technology underlies track tire

The specially designed Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperSport PURE ETCR tires look similar to road tires, sharing the same philosophy and largely similar technology with them. These common technologies include Power Shoulder and High Force Construction, which are critical to maximizing performance in both passenger cars and 500 kW (670 hp) PURE ETCR race cars. Although the entire Eagle F1 SuperSport product line improves road performance based on Goodyear's extensive motorsport experience, its benefits stand out in two ways. Innovative road tire technologies are now the basis for track-specific PURE ETCR tires.

In road tires, the Power Shoulder increases the cornering performance with its closed outer patterns, while the strong sidewall design offered by High Force Construction technology provides a better grip and driving stability. These two technologies, an integral part of the Eagle F1 SuperSport's PURE ETCR version, have been optimized for track use by further strengthening the outer shoulder. The result is a unique tire that provides stability and impressive cornering performance for the world's most powerful touring cars.

While it is unusual to use tread tires at this level of motorsport, this allows the PURE ETCR teams to use the same tires for wet and dry conditions rather than flat tire for dry conditions and tread tires for wet conditions. The use of a single tire type contributes to the sustainability plans of Goodyear and PURE ETCR by eliminating the need to ship three or four different specification tires worldwide.

The PURE ETCR poses many technical challenges due to its unique racing format and the high power generation of cars based on manufacturers' passenger cars, which are quite similar to mid-size, four-door hatchbacks and sedans. Although electric vehicles are heavier than their petrol or diesel-powered counterparts, PURE ETCR vehicles with incredible torque values ​​and generating power up to 500 kW are among the most powerful electric vehicles on the tracks.

These unique properties mean that PURE ETCR vehicles need a tire that provides high grip and traction while withstanding enormous forces and instantaneous power transmission.

Runway tests started

After months of development and fine tuning in the laboratory, the first track tests of Eagle F1 SuperSport tires in accordance with PURE ETCR requirements have begun.

PURE ETCR tests will take several months until the first events start in October, according to the revised calendar. Show events and races, over a six month period in October and November in Denmark, Copenhagen; England, Goodwood; It will be held in Spain, Aragón and Adria, Italy.

“We faced many challenges during the development of Eagle F19 SuperSport tires for the PURE ETCR, especially due to our limited time and limitations imposed by COVID-1,” said Bernd Seehafer, EMEA Technical Project Manager. The result is a unique and innovative design that matches the characteristics of these powerful electric touring cars. We are proud that the DNA and technology of this tire is largely the same as the Eagle F1 SuperSport, and the fact that this is possible demonstrates the value of lessons learned from motorsport to our road tire development work.

Various variants of the Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperSport track line are used in many prestigious motor sports championships such as the WTCR - FIA World Touring Car Cup, for which Goodyear is the exclusive tire supplier this season. This championship, which is the highest level organization in which gasoline-powered touring vehicles compete, is promoted by Eurosport Events, which also promotes PURE ETCR.

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