Deadline for Certificate of Authority for Galleries: 31 August 2020

The leader of İnegöl Chamber of Commerce and Industry (İTSO), Yavuz Uğurdağ gave information about the amendment of the regulation regarding the trade of second hand motor vehicles prepared by the Ministry of Commerce and published in the Official Gazette.

Making a statement about the regulation, İTSO Leader Yavuz Uğurdağ said, “The amendment to the regulation on the trade of second hand motor vehicles prepared by the Ministry of Trade was published in the Official Gazette. Accordingly, the sales of the vehicles rented by the companies that do car rental business for at least 2 year will be exempted from the regulations. Sales of more than 1 motor vehicles in a calendar year will be accepted as second hand motor vehicle trade unless otherwise determined by the Ministry. The physical rules sought for the workplace were removed from the regulation in obtaining authorization documents, instead, it was brought to the issue that they obtain a business license and meet the physical rules required for the license before obtaining an authorization document. It was decided that the authorization documents of the enterprises that act against the regulation decisions and do not eliminate the opposition despite the warnings or repeat the opposition in the calendar year will be canceled. "

"Payments will be made through the electronic system"

Reminding that it has become mandatory to make payments through the electronic system in the sales of second hand motor vehicles, Uğurdağ said, “The cost of using the electronic system is loaded on the seller. It was obligatory that the vehicle delivery documents be kept for at least 5 years by the enterprises trading second hand motor vehicles. In addition to these, in the announcements made by companies trading motor vehicles on their websites; As of 01.01.2021, companies that do not have an authorization document will not be allowed to subscribe to the relevant website. It is obligatory to employ a sales person or a consultant who has a professional qualification document in companies trading motor vehicles. The document showing that the companies that have received an authorization document before 15.08.2020 have business and working licenses, and the companies that have opened a business and working license before 09.06.2020, also have the document showing that they have the relevant workplace rules in the Regulation on Business and Working Licenses until 30.06.2021. They are obliged to upload them to the Information System or to deliver them to the Trade Provincial Directorate. The authorization documents of those who do not comply with this will be canceled. " he spoke.

Uğurdağ continued as follows: “The vocational qualification documents of the trading consultants who took the exam before 15.08.2020 and received level 5 vocational qualification documents were validated, but after this date, level 4 vocational qualification documents were obligatory for the trading consultants. The obligation of the enterprises, which are engaged in the trade of second hand motor vehicles with the prestige of 01.01.2021, to notify the name, surname, TR identity number or foreign identification number and contact information of their motor vehicle purchasing and sales representatives to the Provincial Directorate of Commerce through the Information System until 31.01.2021 has been brought ” 

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