French Delage: Hybrid V12 Engines Delage Returns With D12

Calendars 1930'While showing the s, the car segment was in a very important transformation process. In these years French car company Delageattracted attention with its luxury cars. Founded in 1905, although the company approached its peak in the past 25 years, it later changed its path and in 1953 put an end to car production altogether.

After many years, the company once again hyper car He decided to roll up his sleeves to produce it. While the company returns to the roads after many years, its preference is favors hybrid engines To use.

Return after 70 years

Owner of Delage Automobile Laurent tapiedecided to distribute the soil on these little hypercars. The company's first model, D12 hybrid it will be hyper cars. Only 30 cars will be produced from the car.

Delage D12 will be a hyper car and its power overall 7.6 literwill get from the naturally aspirated V12 engine. The internal combustion engine will also be based on the electric motor. The total power output of the system is in the standard model D12 GT. 1115 horsepower Will be found.

In vehicle eight-speed a system will be found. The gearbox will be one of the models with one gear. Vehicle scale in standard version 1400 kilograms will find. The electric motor of the vehicle, the smaller, lighter version will weigh 1310 kilograms and produce 1024 horsepower.

Formula 1 inspired hyper car

According to the press release, formula 1 its breezes did not only consist of general design. A method inspired by F1 was also used in the suspension. From former F1 pilots Jacques Villeneuve was also one of those involved in the development of this tool.

D12s chauffeurs ortada will sit and have a passenger seat behind them. In this sense, it is more of a In the cockpit of the jet plane We will see a precedent structure. In this respect, the design of the vehicle is quite different.

The time it takes for D12 to go from 0 to 100 is said to be 2,5 seconds only. The company is Germany's famous in its tests. Of the Nürburgring track He believes he will also break his record. If the price tag of the vehicle to be produced 30 units 2 million euros (about 17,3 million TL) expected to be around.

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