Ford Virtual Race Car: Fordzilla P1

Ford, one of the main names in the car segment, combined forces with the e-sports racing group Team Fordzilla to design a virtual racing car. The vehicle, which eliminates all the boundaries in the real car segment, seems to be in the middle of the favorites in the racing games. Let's always take a closer look at Ford's virtual racing car together.

Ford's virtual racing car named "Fordzilla P1" is about Arturo Arino, one of the Ford designers. The design, which was included in a vote within the company after revealing its dream design, was turned into a model with the positive votes of 83 percent of the other designers who participated in the voting. Fordzilla P1, which has a very elegant design, draws attention with its hyper futuristic structure.

Ford's virtual racing vehicle is designed in a flattened form. Even apparently, the cockpit is lower than the wheels. In fact, this is not something that was thought of randomly. With this approach, the designer tried to recall the Ford GT40, one of the lowest racing cars in its class. However, unfortunately, we cannot give you the slightest technical detail regarding Ford's virtual racing vehicle.

Ford has created a promotional footage for its virtual racing vehicle Fordzilla P1. The prepared image reveals all the design details of the vehicle. It will probably not be possible to see this vehicle in real life, but Fordzilla P1 would take part in a much loved racing game. The car giant, who keeps his mouth tight about this game, does not give the slightest hint of which game the vehicle will take place in.

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