Ford Automatic Parking Technology

Ford Automatic Parking Technology: For many people who drive, parking the car in a truly successful way can sometimes become a problem. BMW 7 Series The vehicles have a remote parking feature or Tesla vehicles have an automatic parking system. In addition, in some parking spaces, drivers can park their vehicles using the area too much.

However, Ford's technology on this subject takes the business one step further. The technology to be used by Ford focuses on using the available parking space in the most appropriate way for other car manufacturers.

Ford's automatic parking system

This technology, developed in partnership with Blue Oval, Bedrock and Bosch, Ford Escapeshown in. This technology uses infrastructure-based sensors in Bedrock's The Assembly Garage. Well, let's see how this technology works.

A driver who owns a vehicle compatible with this technology exits the vehicle after entering the parking lot and selects the automatic parking option on his smartphone. The driver does not have to navigate the parking lot to find a place, the system selects a parking space the vehicle finds that place. When leaving the car park, the vehicle can be used via smart phone. can be recalled again. As can be guessed, this technology also includes sensors to prevent it from hitting vehicles or pedestrians.

Thanks to automated parking systems, companies 20% more vehicles can be parked talking. Moreover, the numbers of this technology do not end with these. This innovation can also be used to send the vehicle to a car wash or to a charging station.

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