Ford Electric Pickup Truck Design


While electric vehicles continue to increase their weight in the automotive world, investments in this field and vehicle types in this field are also increasing. Electric vehicles Although it shows itself mostly on the car side, there are also examples on the van side.

When it comes to natural electric pickup trucks, the first thing that comes to mind is Tesla's introduction in November last year. Cybertruckis coming. Also introduced in the past months Lordstown Endurance Another example that can be shown in this area. Well, what if Ford came out with an electric pickup truck?

Ford's electric pickup truck F-E50

There is currently no such vehicle from Ford, and the design you see above is also a designer. Glen georgeIt came out of the hand. Glen George, dedicated to the vehicle Ford F-150 F E50 gave his name. The resulting design, on the other hand, is quite precedent both in contemporary style and with Ford's current design language.

Looking at the design, the side U-shaped headlights stand out with the steep and short front of the vehicle. Separately classic FORD writing also preserves its place on the grids. The highly inclined windshield of the vehicle also resembles Tesla's Cybertruck. The designer seems to have adopted a square design in the vehicle's fender arches. In addition, it is seen that the front door of the vehicle is also quite large.

When looking at the rear of the vehicle, a stop lamp design extending from length to length draws attention. On the back side, there are seats for two, not three. In addition to these, designed for the driver of the vehicle a secondary screen takes place. How did you find this electric pickup truck designed for Ford? You can share your ideas with us in the comments section.

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