Alternative Natural Solution in Physical Therapy


The method applied to the area of ​​pain by injection (needle) into the tissues originating from the mesoderm with a mixture of natural herbal extracts, vitamins, proteins, drugs that regulate blood flow and vitamins; Preferred by citizens as a solution to many pain problems ranging from musculoskeletal disorders to epicondylitis treatment (tennis player and golf elbow), osteoarthritis (arthritis) treatment with joint pain, to ailments called sialgia (leg pain and numbness, nerve pain with walking difficulty). is being.

Mesotherapy, which is made to be beautiful and is very popular, is also encountered in the field of rehabilitation as a solution to the pain that occurs due to many reasons.

Exercise is Essential for a More Lasting Effect

Stating that drug use and application frequency is less, Romatem Bursa Hospital Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist Dr. Serap Latif Raif said, “This technique, which we always hear in the field of aesthetics, can be applied together with physical therapy methods. The benefits do not end with counting. In order for the effects to be permanent, it is necessary to support studies with individual planned exercise programs. While it is widely used in pain treatment in Europe, it is used more in the field of aesthetics in our country. However, we encounter it as a highly effective solution in the field of physical therapy. By stimulating the nerve endings in the area of ​​application, blood flow is regulated and an immunological (immune system) response occurs. Since much lower doses of systemically used drugs are administered locally, drug side effects are less common. "We can benefit from this method even in the treatment of ligament pain (migraine)".

Injecting Your Cellulite

Raif continued his words as follows: “Mesotherapy, which is known for revitalizing the skin aesthetically, causes citizens to show more interest because it is anti-aging. Hyaluronic acid, collagen, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes are given alone or as a mixture. With the stimulation of cellular activity in the skin, the release of support fibers such as collagen elastin increases. zamWith the support of hyaluronic acid, the moisture and brightness of the skin are increased. It is a very effective method in hair transplantation. zamWe also use this method for cellulite problems caused by excessive fat storage in fat cells. Planning is made according to the degree of cellulite, and mixtures prepared with herbal products and medicines that regulate circulation, stimulate fat breakdown, reduce edema and support connective tissue are applied using mesotherapy technique. - Hibya News Agency

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