Open to Finish Practical Packaging


Lesaffre, adding new products to its delicious Leavened Bread Mix series, presents its new series Inventis Pratika to bakers. Artizan, the first product of Pratika series, provides ease of use with its open-finish packaging.

Inventis Pratika, an Artizan leavened eIt offers the opportunity to easily diversify delicious breads such as Ciabatta, Trabzon Bread, baguette and village bread with its bread mixture.

Artizan, the first product of the series named Pratik by Inventis, will be the new assistant of bakers thanks to its single-use open and finish packaging. It is enough to mix Inventis Pratika Artizan Yeast Bread Mix, 1 package of 400 g, to 10 kg of flour and add water and salt. Thanks to easy dosing, bakers zamwill be able to continue their production more easily while saving time.

Distinctive, delicious sour aroma

Thanks to the sour dough in Inventis Pratika Artizan, which impresses with its unique and perceptible sour aroma, you can make porous, easy-to-slice sourdough bread that stays late.

Standard and high quality

Offering the perfect combination of carefully selected raw materials, Inventis Pratika Artizan allows you to produce high quality breads with standard taste, color and odor in every production. - Hibya

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