Ferrari 812 GTS Turkey Coming!

filled with historic success of the Ferrari V12 Spider's heritage sustaining model GTS 812, counting the days to go on the road in Turkey.

Which will be held in our country in the last quarter of the year, deliveries 812 GTS comes with only one quota units in Turkey in 2020. Ferrari 1 GTs in order to have the whole world in Turkey as well as the customer, to have more of a new Ferrari model and needs to get the final approval by meeting the criteria of the brand.


Standing out with its V800 engine producing 718 HP power and 12 Nm torque, the 812 GTS has a RHT (Openable Hard Top) ceiling. Over 340 km / h azamFerrari 812 GTS, which has î speed, completes 0-100 km / h acceleration in under 3 seconds and acceleration from 0-200 km / h in only 8.3 seconds. Convertible spore The hard top roof of the Ferrari 812 GTS, which takes its place in the middle of the fastest models in the car class, opens in only 14 seconds, and up to 45 km / h. While the roof system does not reduce the life space in the cabin, the electric back glass not only acts as a wind breaker, but also ensures that the engine noise is less transmitted to the cabin. With the art glass left open, users enjoy the unique symphony of the V12 engine.

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A long waiting list has already been formed to purchase the Ferrari 2020 GTS, whose first delivery will be made at the end of 812 in our country. Ferrari customers who want to buy in the next period and meet the necessary conditions will be able to receive 812 GTS in 2023. -

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