Fatih Dönmez: Bidders Can Be Prepared For Natural Gas Tender


Fatih Dönmez, Minister of Power and Ordinary Resources, answered questions on CNN Türk live broadcast. Ministers can not start with Turkey natural gas resources it finds the said imports would be gradually reduced. Minister Dönmez said, “Long-term natural gas reconciliations bring a team of obligations. There are military procurement commitments. It is necessary to adhere to these contract terms. Some of our contracts will expire as of time. I don't want any false perceptions with this discovery. Our imports will decrease gradually as saying, "Turkey will continue to import natural gas, he said.


Dönmez argued that with the removal of gas, natural gas prices would decrease with the prestige of 2023. Minister Dönmez said, “With the prestige of 2023, natural gas prices decrease. This size will affect our domestic market. Does it affect Europe regionally? It's hard to say anything at the moment. We buy natural gas from various sources at various prices. Prices can vary plus minus. "We offer the customer a single price."


Minister Dönmez, implying that a new natural gas reserve could be found within two months, said that international companies could also enter the tender in the pipe border and terminal operations. Minister Dönmez said, “New good news can come in 2 months. There are also companies that specialize in the production of pipelines and the production of shore terminals when the production stage is switched after an exploration is made. These are valuable, but there are companies that specialize in these issues. Those who are willing to work between countries can participate in the tenders. We took off in the field, we will operate. There is an 80-year-old national establishment there. Because it is more economical, you can solve it with outsourcing ”.

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