Second Hand Car Prices Increase As Interest Rates Fall

Demand for second-hand cars is on the rise in the world market, where zero cars are stopped due to the pandemic. With the decrease in bank interest rates, prices in used vehicles have increased by 6 percent in the last 100 months.

Citizens who come to the used vehicle market established in Gaziantep only look at the vehicles in front of the prices. In the market where both buyers and sellers are not good, sales are quite low. Stating that he came to the market to buy a vehicle but could not find the price he expected, Mustafa Alkan said that with the increments that have been made for two months, the citizen could not be able to buy a vehicle. 

Stating that the authorization documents should be put into effect as soon as possible, Alkan, ''10 thousand lira automobile was 20 thousand lira. We come in the morning, we are wandering around, everywhere is precious what we will do. Everybody do their own thing. He does this job in the grocery store, but you know the person you will deal with if the man had a certificate of authorization. You are the mediator here, there is no authorization, nothing. He said, "You can not find an addressee as a citizen."


Ahmet Yorulmaz, who took the road to the second-hand auto market to sell his vehicle, stated that he could not sell his vehicle. Yorulmaz, who stated that the increase in prices caused by the increasing demand with falling interest rates, ''When 10 thousand people buy cars at interest in Gaziantep, they buy 10 thousand vehicles in return. Whoever talks is overwriting. "If the demand is low, can he write too much, the man writes too much because there is demand."

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