Green Energy is Used in Eşarj Stations

green-energy-used in eschar-stations
Green Energy is Used in Eşarj Stations

Enerjisa Enerji of Turkey's leading network of electric charging stations is that having the majority stake since 2018. EXCHANGER, International Green Energy Certificate (IREC) has registered once again taking an innovative perspective and pioneered.

Thanks to the IREC Certificate, 350% renewable energy started to be used in nearly 1 Eşarj stations as of July 100. With this certificate, the use of electricity generated from renewable energy sources for the use of electric vehicles will be documented and an important contribution will be made to reducing carbon emissions.

Quality and uninterrupted service as well as offering innovative approach sustainable way to turn customer solutions Enerjisa Enerji, EXCHANGER bought majority shares in 2018, International Green Energy Certification in Turkey 'na (IREC) became the first operator having. Sustainable, environmentally sensitive, having an electric future building missions and Turkey's most popular and largest electric vehicle charging operator, so EXCHANGER made another first. It will play an important role in the reduction of carbon emissions thanks to the annual green energy usage rates at its nearly 350 stations and in return for the protection of natural resources by using the energy produced entirely from solar and wind power plants.

Carbon reduction equivalent to 2030 million trees by 200

Being at the center of global trends such as decarbonization, digitalization and decentralization and driving currents such as urbanization, electrification and efficiency, Eşarj is a major and important future-oriented player by contributing to 1% clean energy and sustainability with the IREC certificate for energy consumed at its stations on July 7. has invested. In this framework, it was determined that carbon reduction will be achieved in the equivalent of approximately 30 thousand trees in return for the annual electricity consumption used in charging stations during the 2030-year period approved in the certificate. In addition, if there are 2,5 million electric vehicles by 200, this carbon reduction is expected to be equivalent to approximately XNUMX million trees.

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