Who is Erol Taş?


Erol Taş (February 28, 1928 - November 8, 1998; Istanbul), Turkish actress, former boxer.


When he was two years old, he moved to Istanbul with his mother Nefise after the death of his father Hamza Bey. He left school to help his family and worked in various jobs. Among these, porter and shop assistant can be counted. The same period zamCurrently pugilism Stone who also won second place in 1947 in Istanbul and Turkey. He also went to the army that year and did his military service for three years. When he returned from the military, he started to work in a spinning mill in Cankurtaran.

Introduction to cinema

Erol Taş's entrance to the cinema was at that time. The artist tells about his incidental entrance to the cinema as follows: “Lütfi Akad was making a movie in that region. We were losing work and watching the footage with friends. In one of the days-long shots, a few bums sitting in the neighborhood haunted the film crew and began to bother them. To protect the film crew, we had a fight with a few of my friends, and we had a nice beating with them beside Lütfi Bey. Bums are dust. Lütfi Akad later sent me news, saying, "There is a fight scene, let it play". So my cinema life started. Other directors liked my role in the movie, and offers started to come one after another. ”

Acting years

He first entered cinema in 1957 with the movie "Acı Günler", shot by Mümtaz Alpaslan. He was originally seen as an extra and minor roles in movies, but zamthe star flashed at once A year later, "The Efesi of Dokuz Dağın" (1958 - Metin Erksan) played a shepherd in the movie. In the years that followed this film, "Dikenli Yollar" (1958 - Nişan Hançer), "Veiled Efe" (1959 - Faruk Kenç), "Driver Nebahat" (1960 - Metin Erksan), "I Loved A Girl in the Village" (1960 - Türker Inanoglu) played various characters in many films such as "Fang Wolf" (1960 - Ömer Lütfi Akad) and "Gecenin Ötesi" (1960 - Metin Erksan).

To give some examples of the roles in the films played by Taş: A father we said in the "Fight of Life" (1964 - Tunç Başaran), a bad brother in the "Fight of the Giants" (1965 - Kemal Kan), in "Yegit Sev Yiğit Sev" Hüsnü Cantürk) the owner of the farm, a husband killed in the "Knife in My Back" (1965 - Natuk Baytan) by his wife and lover, a commissioner in "Last Blow" (1965 - Hijri Akbaşlı) and "Cevriyem" (1965 - Memduh Ün), A Return to the Lions ”and“ Lion of the Seven Mountains ”(1978 - Yılmaz Atadeniz), a warrior,“ İnce Cumali ”(1966 - Yılmaz Duru),“ Passion ”(1967 - Hüsnü Cantürk),“ The Sweat of the Land ”(1974 - Natuk Baytan) and a Mexican in "Bad Revolt" (1981 - Orhan Aksoy), "Bad Masked" and "Return of the Masked Five" (1979 - Yılmaz Atadeniz), and a former Russian general in "Aslan Bey" (1968 - Yavuz Yalınkılıç), Oba Bey in “Bride Girl” (1968 - Orhan Elmas), execution killer in “I Want Blood in My Blood” (1970 - Çetin İnanç), beggar in Öksüzler (1970 - Ertem GÖRIC), “Belalılar” (1973 - Melih Gülgen ) Çetebaşı appeared as a rich town in “Sweet Nigâr” (1974 - Orhan Aksoy), as a rich network in “Çayda Çıra” (1978 - Yücel Uçanoğlu), and as an old lodge in the “alphabets” (1982 - Orhan Elmas). . Taş played various roles from time to time in these and similar films, which we can call mediocre both in terms of technique and subject and cinema language. However, the movies that often spoke of his name in the cinema were “Thirsty Summer”, “Beyond the Walls” and “Beyond the Nights”.

We frequently see Erol Taş in Çetin İnanç as of 1969, and after 1971 in the movies of Yılmaz Atadeniz. In the movie "The Indomitable Devil" (1968 - Yılmaz Atadeniz) He plays the devil. Dr. Satan (Erol Taş) invented a robot by using the "tanyan mine". Its aim is to take over the world with the robots it produces. However, at the end of the movie, he is killed by his short-circuit robot. The subject of “Çeko” (1970 - Çetin İnanç) takes place in Mexico in 1875. The bandit named Ramon (Erol Taş) makes tortures of the villagers and commits murders. In another Yılmaz Atadeniz movie, "Masked Five" and "Return of Masked Five" (1968) (Erol Taş), he is again a Mexican general with the name of Ramon. In the "Red Mask" (1968 - Tolgay Ziyal), the museum director plays the "Housekeeper Little Cowboy" (1973 - Guido Zurli) as a farm housekeeper, and in the "War of the Hakan" (1968 - Mehmet Arslan), he plays the role of Kubilay Han.

The subject of the "Law of the Borders", drawn by Ömer Lütfi Akad in 1966, takes place in a border town in the southeast. Soil is unproductive and the only means of subsistence is smuggling. Unlike Yilmaz Güney, who resisted not to be a smuggler, Erol Taş or "Ali Cello" has already found a solution in this business. He runs a fugitive across the border, but eventually falls into a game he started and dies in a battle. Even Ali Cello's evil could not resist the harsh and brutal law of the borders. In this film, Taş plays one of the roles of the majority villains in a traditional style of play.

The “Dertli Pınar” shot by Nuri Ergün in 1968 can be shown as an example for Taş's network typing. Mahmutoğlu Hilmi Ağa (Erol Taş) takes the land of the villager from various tricks and even by force of arms and rules everyone around him. The passion to have more land has become obsessive. There is nothing he can not do for this. But not everything goes as planned, despite all his efforts, he finally finds that he is defeated and confesses his guilt. In this film, where the level of play is mediocre, Taş displays an uncontrolled and uncontrolled game.

Important roles

The "Beyond the Nights" made in 1960 was an important opportunity for his acting career. Taş, who has just started to warm up to the cinema, had the opportunity to work with Metin Erksan again. Ekrem (Erol Taş) is one of the six heroes in this film, who come from the same environment, combining different concerns and passions in a common action. He worked as a worker in a textile factory for many years and, when he looked back, he saw that he could not go a long way. Her depression and rebellion from this loser life sparked her with five other friends in the idea of ​​robbery. However, the last system prepared by the system does not change in this movie.

Another important production featuring Erol Taş was “Susuz Yaz”, which was filmed by Metin Erksan in 1963 from Necati Cumalı's novel. In this film, Taş, who drew a trilogy with Hülya Koçyiğit and Ulvi Doğan, played the character of Osman.

Erol Taş played another important role in the movie “Beyond the Walls” directed by Orhan Elmas in 1964.

Good man roles

The artist, known for his villain roles in cinema, proved that he could easily play all kinds of characters in films where he went beyond these types. Zaman zamHe surprised the audience with the good characters he played for a moment. In “Ana”, another Akkadian film, this time, Taş runs away from evil. The main movie, shot in 1967 and starring Türkân Şoray, is an interesting example to be shown for his rare good man characters.

Another example is the film "Sürgün", directed by Mehmet Tanrısever, shot in 1992. Erol Taş plays an old sergeant who has seen the war of liberation in this latest film, where he has a role in cinema. Süleyman Çavuş, who never took off his uniform, is also very proud of his independence medal on his chest. He welcomes the innovations of the teacher (Bulut Aras) who comes to Çatak village and helps him. He even defends him against the village headman. Although the teacher went to the district governor with the village people to prevent the exile from the village, this would not work. Upon this, the sergeant takes out the independence medal he proudly carries and gives it to the teacher leaving the village.

Movies starring

Erol Taş, who has various roles in various films in about 600 films, appears as the leading actor in six of the films he plays: “Mapushane Fountain” (1964-Suphi Kaner), “Kanlı Kale” (1965- Yavuz Yalınkılıç), “Revenge of the Efene” (1967- Yavuz Yalınkılıç), “Bandit Blood / Hakimo” (1968-Yavuz Figenli), “Talking Eyes” (1965-Hijri Akbaşlı), “Katırcı So Efenin Treasure” (1967-Yavuz Yalınkılıç).


  • 1965 Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival, Best Supporting Actor Award, Beyond the Walls
  • 1968 Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival, Best Supporting Actor Award, Ince Cumali
  • 1975 Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival, Best Supporting Actor Award, Diet
  • Izmir Film Festival, Best Supporting Actor Award, Corpse on the Beach
  • Ministry of Tourism, Best Supporting Actor Award, Summer without water
  • Acapulco Film Festival, Best Supporting Actor Award, Summer without water


Metin Tanju from his first wife Hafize Taş and Erol Taş, who has a twin named Güler and Gönül, is the daughter of Süleyman Erşan, one of Konya's famous wool merchants, after his wife's death in 1965. zamAt the moment he marries Elmas Erşan, who is the child of her aunt. Erol Taş, who had a daughter named Müjgan in 1968 from this marriage, died of a heart attack on 8 November 1998.

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