Green Energy at Enerjisa Charging Stations

Enerjisa Power, EXCHANGER bought the majority share in 2018, Green Power Certification in Homeland from Turkey 'na (IREC) that was the first operator. Sustainable, around precision, having an electric future building missions and Turkey's most popular and largest electric vehicle charging operator, thus EXCHANGER did something first. It will play a valuable role in the reduction of carbon emissions thanks to the annual green power usage rates in its nearly 350 stations and in the protection of natural resources by using the energy produced from solar and wind power plants.

In this framework, it has been determined that carbon reduction will be provided for approximately 7 thousand trees in return for the annual electricity consumption used in charging stations during the 30-year period approved in the certificate. In addition, if there are 2030 million electric vehicles by 2,5, it is predicted that this carbon reduction will be achieved in the form equivalent to approximately 200 million trees.

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