Electric Car Project by University Students: EVA 2


During the activity held at Mahmutbey Technology Campus, the vehicles were also tested. Project Coordinator Dr. Faculty Member Süleyman Baştürk said, “New vehicles are charged in 4-5 hours and reach a speed of 200 kilometers. The design of all modules in the car belongs to the students. We can say that the electric car is 100 percent local, ”he said.

The team, consisting of faculty members and students from mechanical, electronics, computer, software and industrial engineering, as well as business departments, has raised goals in the project they started 2 years ago to participate in TUBITAK races. First EVA third in Turkey named drive TUBITAK Efficiency Challenge Electric Vehicle Races as 1 EVA (Electric Vehicle of Altınbaş) Team has developed new electrical and autonomous vehicles they give EVA 2 and EVA Autonomous names. Efficiency came to the fore in new vehicles produced locally and nationally.

The new vehicles developed under the sponsorship of many companies, especially Bağcılar Municipality, are charged in 4-5 hours and reach a speed of 200 kilometers.


Speaking at the introduction of the electric vehicle, Altınbaş University Board of Trustees Leader Ali Altınbaş emphasized what science has produced and touched on domestic production. Altınbaş said, “It was one of our greatest goals that universities move to the level of producing science rather than teaching. It makes me very enjoyable to see that science is being produced in addition to learning and to see that doing works for the benefit of humanity reaches the goals of our university. We will continue to give students the support we can. It is very precious that Bağcılar Municipality is with us by believing in us. Thank you. I care about the understanding of being local and national in production, your work is very valuable ”.


Stating that they specially produced electric vehicles to participate in the races, Altınbaş University Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences Mechanical Engineering Department Leader and project coordinator Dr. Lecturer Süleyman Baştürk said, “We designed EVA 9 by producing 2 local components that TÜBİTAK requested from us. We brought some essential electronic components from abroad, but the design of all modules in the car belongs to the students. We can say that the electric car is 100 percent local ”.


Emphasizing that the students gained experience, Dr. Faculty Member Baştürk said, “Our primary goal is to enable students to apply the theoretical knowledge they see in the lessons from scratch in a project. In this way, the graduate student has a project experience when he / she enters the business life. We will participate in national and international races with our electric car, ”he said.


Stating that it is more shady than the result, Baştürk said, “Our new engine we developed this year reaches a speed of 180-200 kilometers. Charging in 4-5 hours. We implemented this project 2 years ago. We were very pleased when we saw the efforts and demands of the students. The first vehicle we produce in Turkey TUBITAK race we were third. It is a historical success for us. The greatest labor is their students, they worked day, night, weekend and vacation. I am very pleased to be the module of this team. EVA autonomy was developed to participate in Teknofest technology competitions conducted by TÜBİTAK. Friends produced the electric vehicle by making electromechanical conversion on the ready-made body and chassis. "We will participate in the competitions with 2 vehicles this year." - News7

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