About Eflatunpınar Hitit Water Monument

Eflatunpınar is a mound located within the boundaries of Beyşehir district of Konya, where two natural water springs come to the surface, approximately ten kilometers from Beyşehir Lake, and three monuments that retain their original state, dating back to 1300 BC. The main monument is 7 meters wide and 4 meters high, made of 14 stones. Although its history dates back to 1000 years before the Ancient Greek philosopher Eflatun, it was named as such among the people.

It was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List in 2014 as the Hittite Sacred Water Temple. The Justification of Outstanding Universal Values ​​for its inclusion in the list: The feature of the Eflatunpınar water pool is that the flowing water is collected by the central pool system. zamIt is one of the rare water systems used in an economical way. This monument is one of the rare monuments with only its appearance, layout and iconography structure. zamIt is a very rare monument in terms of technology and craftsmanship used during its construction.

In Eflatunpınar, in the 15th century, before the Battle of Otlukbeli, a war took place between the forces of the Akkoyuns who helped the Principality of Karamanoğulları against the Ottoman Empire and the Ottoman forces under the command of Prince Mustafa, the son of Fatih Sultan Mehmet, and the Ottomans prevailed.

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