World's First Three Dimensional Wood Panels at New Bentley Flying Spur

the world's first three-dimensional wood panels new bentley flying spurda
the world's first three-dimensional wood panels new bentley flying spurda

Bentley's groundbreaking three-dimensional wooden back door trims are used for the first time in the brand new Flying Spur series. Each panel is handcrafted from a solid block of American walnut or American cherry wood.

This panel, which is obtained from sustainable sources, is supported by a three-dimensional surface coating consisting of 150 unique, coated diamonds. The first design used in the EXP 2015 Speed ​​10 concept in 6 reflects Bentley's approach to combine traditional materials with modern production techniques.

Bentley is introducing the new Three-Dimensional Wooden rear door trim for the first time to the new Flying Spur. Three Dimensional Wood, a striking, diamond-shaped pattern, backed by a three-dimensional surface finish directly carved into wood, is a first in the world automotive industry. One of the unique coating options in the Bentley Mulliner 'Collections' series, this design makes the natural beauty of wood touchable by hand.

Each rear door and fender panel is handcrafted from a solid block of sustainable American walnut or American cherry wood, combining traditional skills and modern technology from harmony. The 3D rendered wood concept was first showcased at the Geneva Motor Show in 10 with Bentley's EXP 6 Speed ​​2015 concept car and received wide acclaim.

The inspiration for this distinctive feature is the leather form of Bentley's diamond quilted areas in the Mulliner Driving Specification interior suite. Three-Dimensional Wood, a complex concept, was skirted at Bentley Mulliner after 18 months of production development by expert technical masters.

Three Dimensional Wood pieces are not usually made using coatings, as applied to panels, bumpers, and the midline. On the contrary, each is made of a solid wooden block. To achieve the three-dimensional surface, skilled operators submerge the wood in a multi-axis mortising machine with a tolerance of 0,1 mm, which is thinner than a human hair strand, then finishing the cuts by hand for perfect results. Then an open porous varnish is applied, which allows the true color and texture of the wood to shine with an elegant and natural look.

The back or 'B surface' of the log is processed to fit the cast aluminum door panel template used. The wood is then fixed to the template, so it is reinserted and the front or 'A surface' is cut in three-dimensional form.

The wood of both the American Walnut tree and the American Cherry tree are sourced from sustainable forests in North America. Bentley chooses the best timber without any knots or resins throughout the depth of the wood.

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