World's Fastest Truck Bugatti Hyper Truck


A designer from the Chinese company Dongfeng Motor has designed an impressive truck called Bugatti Hyper Truck, which reaches horsepower in four steps. French automaker Bugatti is better known for its fast hyper cars.

So much so that the company has come up with speed records many times until today with cars that reach four-digit horsepower and have high speeds that are hard to imagine.

So what if Bugatti built trucks instead of hot models? Designer Prathyush Devadas from China-based Dongfeng Motor dreamed of a Bugatti branded truck with the Hyper Truck concept.

Devadas designed the front of the truck in a 'C' shape, inspired by Bugatti's C-Line line. The cab of the truck appears to be suspended inside the C-shaped section. There is also a bumper on the front that resembles a racing car.

The Bugatti Hyper Truck concept features four pairs of loudspeaker-like wheels to increase payload. In addition, the trailer has a slightly curved design to maximize its load volume.

Although we are unlikely to see a Bugatti branded truck in real life, it is quite enjoyable to examine such successful design works.

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